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Table 2 Cost estimates

From: Avoidable costs of stenting for aortic coarctation in the United Kingdom: an economic model

Item Estimate (£) SD Distribution Source Comment
Stenting for CoA £4507.72 £2612.84 Gamma [41] Currency codes YR12Z; YR13Z; YR14A; YR14B; YR15A; YR15B; YR15C
Surgery for CoA £7497.61 £5600.01 Gamma [41] Currency codes EC01A; EC01B; EC01C; EC02A; EC02B; EC02C; EC03A; EC03B; EC03C
Aortic wall injury requiring interventional treatment £10 913.59 £5790.90 Gamma [41] Currency codes YR01Z; YR02Z; YR20Z
Aortic wall injury requiring surgery £8545.20 £2305.29 Gamma [41] Currency codes YQ01A; YQ01B; YQ02Z; YQ03A; YQ03B
Follow-up imaging £5660.04 £1698.01 Gamma [41] Currency code YZ04Z
Hypertension medication £67.53 £20.26 Gamma [42] Average cost per patient per year. Medication plus annual check-up with GP. Adjusted to 2014 prices.