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Table 2 Details of the six factors and the scores of various factors

From: Residents’ satisfaction with primary medical and health services in Western China

Six factors Details of each factor mean SD
Subjective satisfaction factor F1 Satisfaction with service attitude 3.42 0.9
Satisfaction with professional skills
Satisfaction with medical facilities
Satisfaction with therapeutic effects
Satisfaction with institutional environment
Satisfaction with convenience
Satisfaction with disease description
Satisfaction with waiting time
Satisfaction with drug prices
Satisfaction with privacy protection
Public health programme awareness factor F2 National primary public health services 3.76 1.19
Health records for everyone
Health examination for elderly aged 65+
Management of severe mental illness
Health institutions should distribute health education materials
Health institutions provide chronic disease check-ups for people aged 35+
Maternal visits by health institutions
Disease knowledge awareness factor F3 How many times should one get hepatitis B vaccinations 2.86 1.22
HIV transmission routes
TB transmission routes
Policy awareness factor F4 Importance of policy 4.77 0.75
Necessity of policy continuation
Dietary health awareness factor F5 Cooking oil 25 ml 4.28 1.19
Cooking salt 6 g
Healthy lifestyle awareness factor F6 Obesity leads to other diseases 4.6 0.92
Hot foods should not be taken for long period
Overall score Fz (5*F1 + 1*F2 + 2*F3 + 3*F4 + 2*F5 + 2*F6)/(5 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2) 3.9 0.52