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Table 5 Specific variables to be included in the three separate models described in aim 1

From: A study to reduce readmissions after surgery in the Veterans Health Administration: design and methodology

  Pre-Admission Model Discharge Model Enhanced Model
 Patient Factors X X X
  # Pre-index admissions X X X
  Age X X X
  ASA class X X X
  Co-morbid conditions X X X
  Do Not Resuscitate status X X X
  Functional status X X X
  Gender X X X
  Lab values X X X
  Marital status X X X
  Pain score X X X
  Race X X X
  Smoking/Alcohol status X X X
 Procedure Factors X X X
  Fiscal Year X X X
  Indication for surgery X X X
  Operation complexity X X X
  Procedure type X X X
 Hospital Factors X X X
  Facility (or VISN) X X X
 Surgical Complications   X X
 Hospital Acquired Infections   X X
 Emergent/Elective   X X
 Lab values   X X
 Length of Stay   X X
 Pain Score   X X
 Procedure Characteristics   X X
 Vital Signs at Discharge   X X
 Care Coordination at Discharge    X
 Caregiver Accessibility    X
 Cognitive Function    X
 Depression/Mood    X
 Discharge Complexity    X
 Discharge Destination    X
 Functional Status at Discharge    X
 Healthcare Utilization    X
 Perceived Stress    X
 Post-Discharge Complications    X
 Transportation    X