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Table 4 Sample 2- Loadings for a single factor solution among service-users and caregivers

From: Developing a measure of mental health service satisfaction for use in low income countries: a mixed methods study

  Service-users Care-givers
% of variance explained by model 38.9 28.5
Item Factor 1 Factor 1
The health worker treated me with courtesy 0.58 0.61
The health worker listened to me carefully 0.45 0.62
The health worker explained me things in a way I understood 0.51 0.49
The health facility was clean 0.60 0.77
The waiting area was clean   0.45
The latrine was clean 0.38 0.37
The waiting time was acceptable 0.35 0.35
I have enough time to discuss with health worker 0.44 0.53
I was give information in a way I understood 0.47 0.48
I received helpful advice 0.70 0.66
Administrative staff treated me with courtesy and respect 0.57 0.44
The health worker involved my family helpfully 0.57 0.47
My privacy is respected 0.44 0.55
I have the opportunity for follow up with the same health worker 0.33 0.44
My personal information is kept confidential 0.78 0.74
Referral to specialist is possible 0.83 0.70
The treatment reduced my symptoms 0.68 0.69
The treatment reduced relapse of my illness 0.80 0.79
The treatment helped me to improve my income 0.74 0.70
I can get a health worker’s help any time I need 0.59 0.52
It was easy to come to the hospital 0.41 0.50
I had enough time to come to the hospital 0.53 0.47
I had enough money to come and get treatment 0.36 0.36
I would advise my family to come to the hospital 0.85 0.72