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Table 2 Approaches taken towards rigour and trustworthiness

From: Enabling the flow of compassionate care: a grounded theory study

1. The first author documented her thoughts about compassionate care at the start of the project and returned to this description on several occasions to ensure that the study’s progression was not being stifled by these preconceptions.  
2. More than one person, from a range of backgrounds, was involved in the analysis.  
3. An audit trail was kept within NVIVO, documenting decisions made in relation to data collection and analysis.  
4. Regular team meetings allowed questions to be posed of the data. Disagreement was addressed through discussion.  
5. Data were collected from a range of professionals in terms of role, experience and work setting (primary or secondary care).  
6. Emerging concepts from the data were checked out as data collection progressed by posing specific questions to further participants.