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Table 1 The six consecutive leading questions of the interview guide

From: GPs’ and dentists’ experiences and expectations of interprofessional collaboration: findings from a qualitative study in Germany

With regard to patient care, what are the reasons for you to contact a dentist/GPa and how do you contact the dentist/GPa?
Which of your patients do you advise to see a dentist/GPa?
Which diseases could a dentist/GPa possibly identify early and send the patient to you?
How have you experienced collaboration with dentists/GPsa?
In your opinion, which factors are most important for you have a fruitful collaboration with dentists/GPsa?
In your view, what are the challenges to collaboration with dentists/GPsa?
What are your wishes for future collaborations with dentists and GPs?
  1. aQuestion was modified depending on specialty of interviewee