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Table 4 Health insurance coverage and reasons for not being insured

From: The personal and workplace characteristics of uninsured expatriate males in Saudi Arabia

Health insurance status: Frequency Percent
0-None 1371 30.0
1-Yes for more than 12 monthsa 3053 66.7
2-Yes for less than 12 monthsb 151 3.3
Reason for not having health insurance (N = 1371):
 1-Had insurance but endedc 219 16.0
 2-Sponisered by different employer 291 21.2
 3-Visa was for another jobd 148 10.8
 4- I have not renewed my Iqamae 283 20.6
 5-Insurance was done only to renew Iqama 375 27.4
 6-Others (e.g. unaware of the CEBHI scheme) 55 4.0
  1. aInsured continuously for more than one year
  2. bInsured but did not complete a year (some people were insured for only one or two months to secure iqama renewal)
  3. cThe insurance of this group was terminated (some of this group were only insured for one or two months to pass the iqama newly). But when the study was conducted, they were not insured
  4. dDomestic jobs (e.g. housemaid) are excluded from the CEBHI scheme and so insurance is not needed for Iqama renewal
  5. eBecause the study occurred less than two-years from full implementation of the CEBHI, for some expatriate workers the Iqama was not due for renewal and so they were not insured