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Table 1 Quality indicators and aspects: results from the qualitative phase

From: Quality of care in the intensive care unit from the perspective of patient’s relatives: development and psychometric evaluation of the consumer quality index ‘R-ICU’

Quality indicator Aspects
 Organization Organization of the ICU
▪ Patient room, waiting room, environment
▪ Coordination between different disciplines
▪ Possibilities to visit
▪ Privacy
▪ Noise
 Communication Informative communication
Content; treatment, prognosis, condition, situation, ICU
Form; oral, written, e-mail, digital
Quality; comprehensive, complete, open and honest, consistent, Listening attitude of caregiver
Affective communication
▪ Involvement
▪ Attitude
▪ Attention from caregivers
▪ Take time for conversation and timely information
 Care for relatives Support at first entrance in ICU
After care
Psychosocial support
▪ Emotional support
▪ Spiritual/religious support
▪ Practical support
 Participation Present during care or visit rounds
Role for relatives in decision-making
Being part of the care process
 General judgement Communication with nurses
Communication with doctors
Care and support in the ICU