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Table 2 Factor model and reliability

From: The safety attitudes questionnaire – ambulatory version: psychometric properties of the Slovenian version for the out-of-hours primary care setting

Item Cronbach’s alpha Factor loading CITC
Factor 1: Perceptions of management 0.765  
 Senior management of this office is doing a good job.   0.710 0.616
 The management of this office supports my daily efforts.   0.611 0.569
 The levels of staffing in this office are sufficient to handle the number of patients.   0.582 0.416
 This office is a good place to work.   0.582 0.542
 I receive appropriate feedback about my performance.   0.561 0.565
 This office deals constructively with problem personnel.   0.543 0.390
Factor 2: Job satisfaction 0.791  
 It is easy for personnel in this office to ask questions when there is something that they do not understand.   0.628 0.583
 The culture in this office makes it easy to learn from the errors of others.   0.611 0.498
 I am proud to work at this office.   0.560 0.641
 I have the support I need from other personnel to care for patients.   0.526 0.395
 Disagreements in this office are resolved appropriately (i.e., not who is right but what is best for the patient).   0.517 0.599
 Working in this office is like being part of a large family.   0.508 0.564
Factor 3: Safety climate 0.761  
 All the necessary information for diagnostic and therapeutic decisions is routinely available to me.   0.747 0.547
 Medical errors are handled appropriately in this office.   0.718 0.625
 I know the proper channels to direct questions regarding patient safety in this office.   0.615 0.583
 During emergencies, I can predict what other personnel are going to do next.   0.549 0.502
Factor 4: Teamwork climate 0.587  
 Nurse input is well received in this office.   0.681 0.499
 I like my job.   0.564 0.327
 Attending physicians/primary care providers in this office are doing a good job.   0.479 0.395
Factor 5: Communication 0.685  
 I am frequently unable to express disagreement with staff physicians/intensivists in this office.   0.766 0.499
 In this office, it is difficult to discuss errors.   0.745 0.535
 In this office, it is difficult to speak up if I perceive a problem with patient care.   0.539 0.464
  1. CITC corrected item-total correlations