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Table 4 Maintenance cost-analysis (USD)

From: Cost analysis of large-scale implementation of the ‘Helping Babies Breathe’ newborn resuscitation-training program in Tanzania

   Mbeya Region All mainland Tanzaniaa
Costs of refresher training Central administrationb Equipment replacementc Per facility  
35,659 15,032 7,584 173 1079,821
Maintenance costs
 1 yeard 71, 318 30.064 7,584 325 2,019,115
 5 yearse 213,954 60,128 30,336 907 5,640,794
  1. aBased on 6,226 facilities across all mainland Tanzania at 82.6% coverage of facilities
  2. bA 20% proportion of initial central administration costs were included in considerations of program maintenance costs for repeated refresher trainings
  3. cA 20% proportion of initial equipment costs were included for potential equipment replacement needed in each subsequent year of the program
  4. dBased on repeated refresher trainings at six-month intervals to sustain skills in the first year
  5. eBased on annual repeat refresher trainings to sustain skills thereafter