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Table 1 Demographic data and SES indicators

From: General practitioners in German metropolitan areas – distribution patterns and their relationship with area level measures of the socioeconomic status

Indicator Description Unit
Population density Number of residents per km2 n/km2
Distance to city hall Airline distance to the city hall m
Old-age dependency ratio Number of residents over 65 years per 100 residents aged 15–64 years %
Migrant quota Quota of residents with migration background to all residents (migration background was defined as foreign citizenship or dual citizenship or background of parental foreign citizenship) n
Household size Average number of residents per household n
Employment quota Quota of employed residents subject to social insurance contribution to all residents aged 15–64 %
Unemployment quota Quota of unemployed residents to all residents aged 15–64 %
Benefits recipients quota Quota of unemployed residents aged 15–64 receiving state subsidy to all residents aged 15–64 %
Motorization rate Number of privately used automobiles per 1000 residents n
Mortality Number of deaths per 1000 residents n