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Table 2 An overview of the three fictional technologies

From: Assessment of a multimedia-based prospective method to support public deliberations on health technology design: participant survey findings and qualitative insights

Enhancement technologies in teenagers—PBF shirt
• A shirt with embedded sensors that provide real-time feedback about the mental state and cognitive performance of the person wearing it
• Used with meditation techniques, the shirt can help one learn about oneself
Preventive interventions for genetically “at risk” adults—Cardiac “rectifier”
• Implantable cardiac “rectifier” that destroys cells genetically susceptible to cause arrhythmia later
• The rectifier transmits data to a centralized system where experts confirm its plan of action
Ageing in a high-tech world—Personal robot
• An assistive personal robot connected to the Internet, which can interact with individuals and the built environment (using face, voice and object recognition)
• The robot is used at home and can “learn” from its owner by asking questions and memorizing responses