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Table 1 Domains framing the elements of community capability

From: Synergies, strengths and challenges: findings on community capability from a systematic health systems research literature review

What communities have How communities act For whom communities act
Physical assetsa,c,d Inclusivenessa Critical thinkinga,c,d
Financial assetsa,b,d Cohesivenessb,d Voicea
Informationa,d Efficacyb,d Leadershipa,b,c,d
Skillsa,d,e Sense of communitya,d Conflict solvinga,b
External linksa,c,d Networkinga,c,d Critical reflectiona,d
Community valuesd Participationb,c,d Culture of opennessd
Controlc Partnership buildinga,d Participatory decisionmakinga
Visiond Commitment to actiona,d Institutions and organizational structuresa,c,d
Community historyd Resilienced  
  1. aLiberato, et al. 2011 [13]; bUnderwood, et al. 2012 [11]; cGibbon, et al. 2002 [9]; dVijayaraghavan, 2007 [95]