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Table 1 Emergency department discharge dispositions for the study cohort, April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2012

From: Measuring care trajectories using health administrative databases: a population-based investigation of transitions from emergency to acute care

Discharge disposition n (%)
Home 795,823 (74.9)
Admitted to the acute care hospital in which the ED was located 170,584 (16.1)
Unplanned discharge (i.e., left before being seen, left against medical advice after being seen by a doctor, signed out) 61,274 (5.7)
Transferred for admission to an acute care hospital in a different facility 16,951 (1.6)
Institutional place of residence (e.g., long-term care, jail) 10,129 (1.0)
Transfer within same facility (i.e., day surgery, out-patient care) 3,482 (0.3)
Transfer to external non-acute care facility 3,407 (0.3)
Died 1,211 (0.1)
Total 1,062,861 (100.0)
  1. Notes: ED emergency department