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Table 2 Description of questionnaire’s sections

From: Perceptions of health managers and professionals about mental health and primary care integration in Rio de Janeiro: a mixed methods study

Section Objective
General Information To map profession, function and workplace.
Access To map whether patients can access services, medicines and consultations.
Gateway To map the different services available to patients in the unit
Trust To map the relationship between patients and health professionals, and patients and units
Primary Mental Health Interventions To map psychosocial actions offered.
Primary Mental Health Record To map if mental health interventions are recorded in the Health Record System as mental health interventions or primary care interventions.
Collaboration between Teams To map collaborative work with different health teams and services as well as with other institutions such as health services, schools or community services.
Mental Health Problems To map mental health problems treated in the unit.
Family Focus To map family interventions.
Integration with Community Resources To map institutional integration with community resources.
Primary Mental Health Education To map educational expectations regarding mental health in primary care.
Positive and Negative Aspects (Open-ended question) To map positive and negative aspects of primary care and mental health integration.