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Table 4 Multivariate analysis for non-compliance to vaccination against HPV, Boa Vista – Brazil, 2015

From: Factors related to non-compliance to HPV vaccination in Roraima—Brazil: a region with a high incidence of cervical cancer

Explanatory variables Adjusted odds ratio (95% IC) for non-compliance to vaccination P value
Private school student 2,44 (1,33–4,31) 0,002
Scoring less than 50% of the questions about HPV and the vaccine 1,42 (1,01–2,76) 0,045
Knowing that the HPV infection isn’t rare 0,52 (0,33–0,81) 0,004
Knowing that the vaccine is effective in preventing HPV infection 0,82 (0,51–1,31) ns
Knowing that the vaccine is effective in preventing cervical cancer 0,84 (0,44–1,60) ns
Believing that the adverse effects of the vaccine are worrying 1,66 (1,01–2,71) 0,04
Believing that the quallity of the vaccine provided by the government is worrying 1,51 (0,85–2,39) ns
Believing that the vaccine is important for their daughter’s health 0,62 (0,23–0,93) 0,03
  1. ns not significant.