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Table 2 Summary of the vaccination strategies evaluated

From: The economic evaluation of human papillomavirus vaccination strategies against cervical cancer in women in Lao PDR: a mathematical modelling approach

  Female Male
  Routine vaccination Catch up campaign Routine vaccination Catch up campaign
  10 years 11–25 years 11–75 years 10 years 11–25 years 11–75 years
1 X      
2 X    X   
3 X X     
4 X X   X   
5 X X   X X  
6 X   X    
7 X   X X   
8 X   X X   X
  1. Note: Routine vaccination is to give HPV vaccine to a 10-year-old girl and/or boy every year
  2. Catch-up campaign is one-year catch-up HPV vaccination for females and/or male aged 11-25 years or 11-75 years