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Table 1 Settings: number of beds and range in staff numbers on the stroke and fractured neck of femur care pathways

From: Exploring factors that influence the spread and sustainability of a dysphagia innovation: an instrumental case study

Characteristic Stroke care pathway Fractured neck of femur care pathway
Acute Stroke Unit Rehab. in community Post-op. Post-op. Rehab. Rehab. in community
Number of beds 56 31 a 34 34 28 31a
Number of staff 60-70 b 50 c 39–41 36–38 39 50c
  1. aCommunity unit with 31 beds for stroke rehabilitation and frail elderly orthopaedic rehabilitation
  2. bStroke service staff rotate between the hyper acute and acute wards
  3. cRehabilitation in community unit staff rotate between both wards and some work in the community