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Table 1 Supply Side Initiatives

From: A qualitative study assessing the acceptability and adoption of implementing a results based financing intervention to improve maternal and neonatal health in Malawi

Beneficiary Indicators
Health Facility 1. Number of facility-based deliveries
2. Number of maternal and newborn deaths audits
3. Number of women tested for HIV if unknown status and treatment if indicated
4. Number and quality of Health Information Management Systems (HMIS) reports completed
5. Quality of stock cards for medications filled and submitted
6. Quality of RBF4MNH Initiative specific reports submitted
7. Number of completely filled partographs
8. Routine use of uterotonic in 3rd stage of labor
9. Routine use of magnesium sulfate for pre-eclampsia
10. Number of patient satisfaction surveys filled out for each quarter by women who delivered in facility
11. Routine administration of vitamin A to all newborns
12. Complete report on broken maternity equipment to District Health Officer
13. Routine use of infection prevention and quality checklist each month
District Health Management Team 1. Number of facility-based deliveries across districts
2. One-month supply of essential drugs and commodities available at all facilities in district
3. All essential equipment available in operating condition in participating facilities
4. Quality of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) reports submitted to central office