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Table 1 Overview of the nurse-led community-based self-management programme for community-residing stroke survivors

From: Study protocol: a randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led community-based self-management programme for improving recovery among community-residing stroke survivors

Week Programme components Key contents
1 Home visit (at participant’s home) - Perform an individualised assessment.
- Provide information about stroke self-management.
- Establish a short-term goal and an action plan.
- Video viewing.
2 Group sessions (in a community centre) - Discuss the physical and psychosocial consequences of stroke.
- Discuss the practical tips of managing post-stroke challenges.
- Facilitate reflection and experience sharing among the group.
- Explore alternative ways to better implement the action plans.
- Practice the use of core self-management skills.
- Video viewing.
3 & 4 Three follow-up phone calls - Review progress towards goal attainment.
- Provide individualised feedback and positive reinforcement.
- Encourage to continue, revise, or set a new short-term goal.