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Table 2 Examples of matrix table of one theme from content analysis: difficulty to reach messages

From: Community perceptions of behaviour change communication interventions of the maternal neonatal and child health programme in rural Bangladesh: an exploratory study

Transcript/meaning unit Sub-category/possible closest meaning Category Sub-theme Theme
All family members went there except 1 or 2 who had work in the home. The ‘Para’ (an area) was big so most of the women were there because it was near to their home (ID: R) Most of the women can watch street theatre if the setting is near to their household. importance of settings and distance for street theatre Barriers to watching street theatre Difficulty in conveying messages to the women through entertainment education
Women of this village watched the programme of local song. They said local songs were performed by BRAC. Apa (CHW) had asked women to join the event. I could not enjoy it because of household work.(ID: R) Women could not enjoy the entertainment due to work despite previous information about the event from CHW. Traditional norms of household work are barriers to watching local performances Barriers to watching local performances