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Table 1 Search Terms and Keywords. Search terms and areas for inclusion criteria of literature search

From: Centralized or decentralized perinatal surgical care for rural women: a realist review of the evidence on safety

Search area Keywords Reasoning
Maternal / Perinatal Health obstetric*
(birth or birthing)
This review focuses on maternal and obstetric care, and so appropriate terms were furnished to limit the search to that singular area of care.
Perinatal Surgical Care surgery
(cesarean or caesarean or c-section*)
We aimed for a broad surgical requirement, rather than an exhaustive list of obstetric surgeries.
Rural and Remote
Health Services
(decentral* or de-central*)
rural health*
rural hospitals
rural communit*
remote health*
remote communit*
“hub and spoke”
The review seeks to compare models of centralized and decentralized care. Increasingly since 1990, centralization of care has been the backdrop of studies regarding decentralized models. Moreover, this review seeks to compare models of care in their ability to provide safe, high quality, cost effective perinatal surgical care to rural women specifically, and so rural health was a required search subject.