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Table 5 Medication eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria for prescribing medication to appropriate patient

From: Implementing shared decision making in federally qualified health centers, a quasi-experimental design study: the Office-Guidelines Applied to Practice (Office-GAP) program

Variable Eligibility criteria
Aspirin/Plavix Diagnosed with (1) coronary artery disease, (2) peripheral vascular disease, or (3) diabetes mellitus combined with one other risk factor (for males’ age > 50, or for females’ age > 60).
Beta-blockers Diagnosed with (1) angina, (2) congestive heart failure paired with left ventricular systolic dysfunction, (3) coronary artery disease, (4) myocardial infarction, or (5) peripheral vascular disease.
ACEI/ARB Diagnosed with either (1) congestive heart failure paired with an ejection fraction < 40, or (2) diabetes mellitus.
Statins & other lipid-lowering agents Diagnosed with (1) diabetes mellitus, (2) coronary artery disease, (3) hyperlipidemia, or (4) peripheral vascular disease.