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Table 5 Newcastle-Ottawa: case-control studies

From: Systematic review of factors influencing length of stay in ICU after adult cardiac surgery

Study Selection   Comparability Exposure Total
Case definition Representativeness of the cases Selection of controls Definition of controls Confounding factors Ascertainment of exposure Same method of ascertainment for case and controls Non-response rate
A* B C A* B A* B C A* B A* B* A* B C D E A* B A* B C
28. Graf, K., et al., Economic aspects of deep sternal wound infections.   +   +    +   +   +   +      +    +   5
29. Rosenfeld, R., et al., Predictors and outcomes of extended intensive care unit length of stay in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery.   +   +    +   +   +   +      +    +   5
  1. The number of stars for each item is represented by asterisks*