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Table 4 Discrepant cases when comparing qualitative and quantitative job satisfaction data

From: Is the Job Satisfaction Survey a good tool to measure job satisfaction amongst health workers in Nepal? Results of a validation analysis

ID number Job Satisfaction Index (JSI) (quartile category) Interpretation of qualitative interview Maternal and Newborn Health Worker (MNHW) interview quotes
2008 −0.12 less satisfied Satisfied “The society over here is good. We have no problem when they come here to take service. I feel good. We have never faced problem even in night shifts. I feel good.”
“I enjoy it here. Everyone has their section and their own responsibility. They work in their time and if there is any problem then we work together.”
“There are delivery sets and equipment needed for Medical Abortion and check up. We have everything.”
1032 −0.65 Less satisfied Satisfied “People ask for me to conduct their delivery, even though it is another person’s duty. They trust me a lot and I am happy that everybody likes me. I do whatever I can. I feel confident while working and I am happy by myself.”
“Nothing is easy here. There is not enough equipment, and there is no cleaner so it is difficult to clean the health facility.”
2029 −1.78 least satisfied Satisfied “I have an identity here. Everyone is familiar and I have made close personal friends too. After I came here, I started knowing my neighbours, sisters, and because of their love and care, it is difficult to leave this place.”
“It is enjoyable when everyone does their work with mutual understanding. Because everyone is helpful and close, it is enjoyable.”
2007 −2.1 least satisfied Satisfied “We have access to public transport. There are Tharu (ethnic group) communities here…. they trust us. It is easy to work where we are trusted.”
“There are many close friends of mine here. The other staff are my close friends.”
  1. Note: JSI range: −7.37 (minimum); 8.35 (maximum)