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Table 1 Recommendations for response to human trafficking victims

From: Responding to the health needs of survivors of human trafficking: a systematic review

Points of contact Recommendations for service providers
Promoting Disclosure Attend training on human trafficking.
Be aware of identifiers.
Develop safety protocols for patients and staff.
Have awareness of referral pathways.
Initial Contact Create a private space for patient interaction.
Be non-judgemental and sensitive.
Be aware of issues around confidentiality.
Provide choice regarding the gender and cultural background of interpreter.
Immediate responses to disclosure Ask case relevant questions.
Gain informed consent.
Follow protocols created for similar populations.
Carry out comprehensive needs assessments.
Provide holistic care addressing health and social care needs.
Employ trauma-focused approaches.
Offer longer appointments.
Ongoing responses Offer victims longer contact with services.
Frequently review victim’s needs, as these will change over time.
Engage in multi-agency working and information sharing.
Recognise the value of adjunctive therapies.
Develop specific service models for victims of trafficking.