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Table 9 Care Manager Role RCT Outcomes

From: What is the effectiveness of the support worker role for people with dementia and their carers? A systematic review

Study Carer outcomes People with dementia outcomes Other
Callahan et al., 2006 [47] • General mood (including depressive symptoms)
• Health resource use
• Depressive symptoms
• Symptom severity
• Activities of daily living
Chodosh et al., 2012 [44] N/A N/A Dementia care quality
Duru et al., 2009 [45] N/A N/A Costs of intervention
Vickrey et al., 2006 [46] • Service utilisation
• Dementia knowledge
• Confidence
• Mastery of care giving
• Health quality of life
• Social support
• Unmet needs
• Health quality of life Adherence to dementia guideline recommendations
Specht et al., 2009 [48] • Health status, wellbeing, stressors, care giving endurance potential • Cognitive status
• Activities of daily living
• Kinds and frequency of behaviours