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Table 5 IBD clinicians and access

From: Co-designing inflammatory bowel disease (Ibd) services in Scotland: findings from a nationwide survey

Quote no. Quote
IBD Clinicians
  1. “Quicker access to medical help over the weekend, my inflammatory flare ups always happen over the weekend. NHS 24 is hopeless over the weekend “(P78)
  2. “That they don't only support your physical disease but the emotional scars it leaves. That between the GI ward and IBD nurse it just feels like one big family. “(P78b)
  3. “More frequent gastroenterology visits with gastroenterologist or IBD nurse. Surely an IBD nurse for every sufferer in Scotland is achievable.”(P213)
  4. “IBD nurses are amazing people and having a named nurse to call when things go wrong is an amazing resource that is seriously undervalued.” (P58)
  5. I wasn't referred to the IBD nurse until I first went to hospital on the mainland. I live in a very remote area and knowing that this resource was available would have been very useful when I was first diagnosed. (P359)
  6. But having a nurse specialist is of great support and keeps things monitored much more closely (P89)
  7. Easier access to IBD and stoma nurse. (P64)
  8. More staff/nurses! The current ones are overworked and underpaid. (P85)