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Table 2 An overview of the identified main- and sub-themes with the associated topics

From: Expectations and needs of patients with a chronic disease toward self-management and eHealth for self-management purposes

Main theme Sub-themes Topics
Opinions and needs regarding self-management support Information - Need for information (treatment, complications, medication and life style)
- Sources of information
Drug management support - Need for drug management support
- Determining whether medication is necessary
- Forgetting to take medication
Symptom management support - Need for symptom management support
- Need for self-monitoring support
- Insight into health status
Support for management of psychological consequences - Anxiety regarding further complications
- Disease acceptance
- Anxiety regarding self-monitoring
Lifestyle - Sports
- Nutrition and diet
- Smoking
- Motivation for lifestyle changes
Social support - Using support of family and relatives
Communication - Current communication with care professionals
- Opinions regarding online communication
- Need for (online) communication
General requirements regarding eHealth usage - Usability
- Reliability of technology
- Trust in the Internet
- Unable to use the Internet
General requirements regarding the implementation of eHealth - eHealth should support care
- Using eHealth should be the choice of the patient
- Clear instruction should be given
Costs and budget cuts in care - Current costs in care
- Costs of eHealth
- Budget cuts in care