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Table 3 Issues featured in policy dialogue meetings in Liberia

From: Assessing policy dialogues and the role of context: Liberian case study before and during the Ebola outbreak

Area Specific issues
Health systems performance • Analysis of the past period compared with targets
• Health facility accreditation process
Health financing • Resource mapping – of either allocated resources or commitments from partners within the sector
• Investment plan and health financing and its sustainability
Other health systems issues • Supply chain management
• Service delivery and its infrastructure improvement
• Monitoring and evaluation, monitoring and evaluation framework, research, and some activities under health information systems
• Drugs and supplies
Human resources for health • Health workers’ employment and salaries
• Health workers’ satisfaction and motivation
• Staff attrition, retention and attraction to rural areas
Emergent situations • Ebola outbreak
• Measles outbreak
• Health and hygiene promotion programme
• Surveillance
• Incident management system
• Infection control