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Table 1 Postholders and non-postholders sample

From: An exploration of clinical practice in sites with and without clinical nurse or midwife specialists or advanced nurse practitioners, in Ireland

Discipline Advanced Practitioners (APs)
Clinical Specialists (CSs)
Non-postholders and matched sites
Midwifery 0 APs (None in post) 3 Clinicians, hospital & clinics: prenatal screening service, diabetes care team, infectious diseases team
3 CSs, hospital & clinics (Diabetes care, prenatal screening, infectious diseases)
General nursing 3 APs, hospital sites (Emergency department (ED), sexual health, endoscopy) 9 Clinicians, hospital sites: stroke care services, pulmonary outreach service, heart failure clinic, anticoagulation therapy service, pain management care team, colposcopy, ED, sexual health clinic, endoscopy clinic
6 CSs, hospital sites (Pulmonary outreach, stroke care, heart failure, anti-coagulation therapy, pain management, colposcopy)
Mental health nursing 1 AP, community site (Child & adolescent mental health) 5 Clinicians, community sites: child and adolescent mental health team, family therapy team, cognitive behavior therapy service, psychotic disorders team, addiction service.
4 CSs, community sites (Addictions, cognitive behaviour therapy, psychotic disorders, family therapy)
Children’s nursing 1 ANP, hospital site (Emergency department) 1 Clinician, hospital site: Emergency department
1 CNS, hospital site (Ear, nose and throat clinic) 1 Clinician, clinic: ear, nose, and throat clinic
Public health 1 AP community site (Practice nursing) 1 Practice nurse: community service
1 CS community site (Care of the elderly) 1 Clinician: care of the elderly community service
Intellectual disability nursing 0 APs (None in post) 2 Clinicians, residential units: challenging behaviour team, early intervention services.
2 CSs, residential units (challenging behaviour, early intervention)
Total 6 APs and 17 CSs = 23 Postholders 23 clinicians in matched sites