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Table 2 Process indicators

From: Can a pharmacy intervention improve the metabolic risks of mental health patients? Evaluation of a novel collaborative service

Process Indicators Examples
Patient initiation with the metabolic clinic i.e. through the government mental health clinic Predominantly patients on atypical antipsychotics
Enrolment process No official paper work existed in initiating patients into the metabolic clinic service
Consultation fee (eligibility for funded services vs fee-for service) Mental health patients on atypical antipsychotics received the service free of charge as per the funding model
Referrals and associated communication Patients were referred to the Metabolic Clinic Service via staff at the government mental health service (psychiatrists, case managers)
Service components provided by nurse practitioner vs pharmacist vs pharmacy assistant Proprietor oversaw the operation of the metabolic clinic. The pharmacist who was next in charge was involved in promotional activities at the government mental health clinic. All staff were actively involved in referring patients to the metabolic clinic
Mode of documentation Patient biometrics were recorded in an Excel spreadsheet. The NP used the Good Practice® software to record information relating to consultations. Changes relating to medication and/or dosage were handwritten in patient specific files