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Table 1 Study population: Characteristics of the participants and their use of healthcare service in region of origin

From: Use of healthcare services in the region of origin among patients with an immigrant background in Denmark: a qualitative study of the motives

Participants Age Country of birth Experiences with healthcare services in region of origin
1 40–44 years Morocco No personal experiences, but experiences through relatives
2 40–44 years Turkey Examination of stomach region
3 45–49 years Iraq Medication and medical cream
4 45–49 years Turkey MRIa of back region
Acute treatment after fainting
5 55–59 years Turkey Treatment after acute illness including tests and MRIa
6 50–54 years Iraq Medicine and injections against musculoskeletal pain in her legs
7 55–59 years Turkey No personal experiences, but experiences through relatives
8 45–49 years Turkey Medication and examination after pain in stomach region
9 50–54 years Somalia No experiences, neither personal or through relatives
10 45–49 years Lebanon Injections against musculoskeletal pain in back region
  1. aMRI magnetic resonance imaging