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Table 1 Information presented in the online decision aid

From: Examining the role of a decision aid in reducing decisional conflict amongst hospital healthcare workers towards receiving the influenza vaccine

Section Topics covered
General information about the vaccine How the vaccine works; seasonality/matching; effectiveness; development of antibodies; factors impacting on level of protection; vaccine composition, adverse effects
Impact of hospital staff vaccination 1. Evidence supporting the use of the influenza vaccine in hospitalsa
2. Rational for vaccinating HCWs including information about asymptomatic transmission, absenteeism’s and impact of influenza on staff performancea
Risks associated with influenza and with the influenza vaccine Clinical features [10]
Complications of influenza [10]
Risks associated with the vaccine [10]
Contraindications [10]
Advantages of getting vaccinated Protection from acquiring the infection from patients/colleagues
Protection for other staff members, patients, family/friends
Reducing absenteeism
Reducing the risk of taking influenza home
Protection during outbreaks
Disadvantages of getting vaccinated Potential for fever, malaise and myalgia
Potential for local and immediate adverse events
Inconvenience of getting vaccinated
  1. aPublished literature referenced