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Table 5 Expected correlations of concurrent measures with CARES summary scales and global score

From: Assessing cancer patients’ quality of life and supportive care needs: Translation-revalidation of the CARES in Flemish and exhaustive evaluation of concurrent validity

Summary scale and CARES global score Concurrent instrument Expected correlationa
Physical KPS -
Psychosocial HADS-A
Psychosocial SSL-I
Marital MMQ-M -
Sexual MMQ-S -
CARES Global score EORTC-QLQ -C30 -
CARES Global score DT +
CARES Needs Care Needs Questionnaire E. Pauwels +
  1. a ‘-‘= negative correlation, ‘+’ = positive correlation
  2. Abbreviations CARES Cancer Rehabilitation Evaluation System, KPS Karnofsky Performance status Scale, HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, SSL-I Social Support List – Interactions, SSL-D Social Support List – Discrepancies, MMQ-M Maudsley Marital Questionnaire – Marital, MMQ-S Maudsley Marital Questionnaire – Sexual, EORTC-QLQ -C30 European Organisation of Research and Treatment for Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire Core 30, DT Distress Thermometer