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Table 3 Sample sizes validation research original CARES

From: Assessing cancer patients’ quality of life and supportive care needs: Translation-revalidation of the CARES in Flemish and exhaustive evaluation of concurrent validity

Psychometric quality Analysis Sample size (N)
Test-retest reliability Correlations between CARES summary scores 71
Rating agreement 71
Construct validity Factor analysis on all items 479
Second-order factor analysis on 31 subscales 479
Concurrent validity Correlation between CARES and SCL-90 87
Correlation between CARES and SCL-90, DAS, KPS and QOL visual analogue scale 120
Sensitivity CARES compared to clinical interview 22
CARES compared to a needs assessment interview 24
Content validity
Acceptability to patients
Questions on relevance of CARES content, completion time, understandability and acceptability items. 22
  1. Abbreviations CARES Cancer Rehabilitation Evaluation System, SCL-90 Symptom Checklist-90, DAS Dyadic Adjustment Scale, KPS Karnofsky Performance status Scale