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Table 4 MUPS related to HCU 1 year later: GEE time-lag analyses

From: The association between medically unexplained physical symptoms and health care use over two years and the influence of depressive and anxiety disorders and personality traits: a longitudinal study

  Crude RR (95 % CI) Adjusted RR (95 % CI)
MUPS and number of medical services 1.021 (1.018–1.023)* 1.018 (1.015–1.020)*
MUPS and number of contacts 1.060 (1.053–1.067)* 1.051 (1.043–1.058)*
  1. *All RRs were significant with p-values below 0.001. The adjusted RRs were adjusted for the sociodemographic variables and chronic diseases. MUPS were measured at T0 and T1. HCU was measured at T1 and T2