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Table 6 Items for Clinician Support for Patient Activation Measure

From: The role of primary care providers in patient activation and engagement in self-management: a cross-sectional analysis

As a clinician, how important is it to you that your patients with CHRONIC CONDITIONS:
1. Are able to take actions that will help prevent or minimize symptoms associated with their health condition
2. Are able to maintain lifestyle changes needed to manage their long-term condition
3. Understand which of their behaviors make their condition better and which ones make it worse
4. Can follow through on medical treatments they need to do at home
5. Know what each prescribed medication does
6. Bring a list of questions when they come to the clinic
7. Are able to determine when they need to go to a medical professional for care versus when they can manage the problem on their own
8. Are able to work out solutions when new situations or problems arise with their health condition
9. Want to be involved as a full partner with you in making decisions about care
10. Tell you concerns they have about their health even when you do not ask
11. Want to know what procedures or treatments they will receive and why before the treatments are performed
12. Understand the different medical treatment options available for their long term condition
13. Look for trustworthy sources of information about their health and health choices such as on the web, news, or books