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Table 3 Factor loadings and total variance explained from the factor structure matrix (Varimax rotation) for the 16 Items in the preventive services use self-efficacy scale

From: The preventive services use self-efficacy (PRESS) scale in older women: development and psychometric properties

Item by factor I II III IV V
How confident are you that you can…
Factor I. Self-efficacy for Exercise gentle exercises for muscle strength 2–3 times/week? .87 gentle exercises for flexibility? .83 moderate physical activity for at least 2 1/2 h/week? .63     
4.exercise without making symptoms worse? .67     
Factor II. Self-efficacy for Communication with Physicians      
6.ask your doctor things about health issues that concern you?   .86    
7.discuss openly with your doctor any personal problems that may be related to your health?   .92 out differences with your doctor when they arise?   .88    
Factor III. Self-efficacy for Self-Management of Chronic Disease      
11.take an active role to manage your systolic blood pressure?    .76   
12.take an active role to manage your blood glucose (sugar) level?    .86   
13.take an active role to manage your LDL cholesterol level?    .81   
Factor IV. Self-efficacy for Obtaining Screening Tests      
14.get a colonoscopy     .55  
17.get a mammogram     .70  
18.get a Pap test and pelvic exam     .85  
19.get a bone density test     .52  
Factor V. Self-efficacy for Getting Vaccinations Regularly      
15.get an influenza vaccine?      .72
16.get a pneumonia vaccine?      .89
% of Variance 15.5 14.8 12.9 10.5 9.8
Cumulative % 15.5 30.3 43.2 53.7 63.5
  1. Note: Three items did not load on any of 5 factors: item 5 (get information about disease and disability prevention from community resources?), item 9 (continue to do the things you like to do with friends and family?), and item 10 (keep from feeling sad or down in the dumps?)