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Table 3 Subthemes with illustrative quotes from the access and awareness theme

From: What do patients and the public know about clinical practice guidelines and what do they want from them? A qualitative study

Subtheme Illustrative quote Participant & group number
Awareness of guidelines Well the questions should be why is nobody asking for that [patient guideline]? And the response should be do your patients know they exist? If they say yes, well why have you still got them? If they say no you say well that’s part of the problem, you have to tell them. P2, G2
Sources of health information …I think nowadays when you’re, with any sort of diagnosis initially, whether it’s going to take you into the blackest hole in the world or not, the internet’s the place to go. P1, G5
Access to professionals and treatment You might have something else to ask but their body language you know if they’re bent over the computer, you might think that the time is up and you just think oh I’ll just go. P3, G3
Interacting with healthcare professionals …I don’t want to have to check on what GP is doing, I want to be able to trust them…but if I can’t, I need to have access to that information [patient guideline]. P3, G1