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Table 9 Information provided to nurse respondents about errors that may occur in the healthcare setup during service delivery by healthcare providers

From: Nurse perceptions of organizational culture and its association with the culture of error reporting: a case of public sector hospitals in Pakistan

Type of error Example
1. Lack of attentiveness Nurse did not check wound drains or dressing after surgery
2. Lack of fiduciary concern Nurse knowledge that doctor is misdiagnosing and failure to question this to prevent patient harm
3. Inappropriate judgment Lack of skill or knowledge or incorrect application
4. Medication error Administration of the wrong drug, drug amount or dose of drug to patient
5. Lack of intervention on patients behalf Failure to provide for patient needs for example advice on mother’s nutritional needs post delivery
6. Lack of prevention Failure to prevent harm to patient for example in terms of hygiene and infection
7. Mistaken doctor orders Missing or mistaking an order and as a result causing patient harm
8. Documentation errors Error in making a chart entry or failure to make a relevant entry all together