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Table 1 Topics for interviews and the focus group guide

From: Introducing the chronic disease self-management program in Switzerland and other German-speaking countries: findings of a cross-border adaptation using a multiple-methods approach

Topic Open-ended questions related to
Expectations • hearing about the course and from whom
• expectations people had before the course
Course content and process • what participants liked/disliked
• whether they had learned something new
• topics they have missed or were affected by
• structure and procedures of the program
• group experience and social connectivity
• expectations and experiences
• appraisal of leaders and workshop delivery
After the course • changes in everyday life, with specific examples
• positive, challenging and/or unexpected changes
• responses of significant others
• subjective indicators of successful outcomes
• contemplations about becoming a peer leader
Reference book • experiences and expectations related to the material
• its usability and layout
• room for improvement