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Table 3 Unique existing evaluation metrics pertinent to referral, consultation and Integrated eCR systems, by domain

From: Facilitators and barriers to implementing electronic referral and/or consultation systems: a qualitative study of 16 health organizations

  Operational Scheduling Clinical Communication
Referral • Percent of referrals completed electronically vs. fax/paper • Percent of eReferral slots used • Patient follow-up by electronic vs. paper/fax referral  
• Disposition (scheduled vs not scheduled) as determined by referral management department • Slot availability for eReferred-patients   
• Wait time for specialty service by insurance status    
Consultation and integrated eCR • Time to first specialist response   • Self-reported PCP ability to manage a patient with specialist guidance • Specialist satisfaction
• Disposition (e.g., scheduled immediately, scheduled after review, consultation only) as determined by specialist reviewer   • Emergency department utilization • PCP expectation for referral
• Time spent by specialist   • Cardiac outcomes: appropriate diagnoses, percent of patients with blood pressure control, PCP prescription of guideline-conoirdance cardiovascular medicationsa • Quality of PCP referral
• Economic impact of provider reimbursement strategy   • Specialty clinic complexitya • Quality of specialist response
• Patient leakage to other health systems for specialty care    • Number of exchanges per consult
• Primary care clinic adoption of systema    • Number of consults with document uploadsa
  1. aDenotes metrics that were only examined among integrated eCR systems