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Table 2 Stakeholder views on key assumptions within the initial bid

From: How online sexual health services could work; generating theory to support development

Assumption Elements/dimensions indentified Examples from data
Increased convenience Long waiting times and risk of being turned away if walk in service is full ..when reception sit there and say, “We’ve got no more tickets,” or, “The waiting time is currently three hours, roughly,” I think we could then say to someone, “Look, if you’re not worried about anything, that (the online service) is your other option”. (Clinic staff)
Inconvenient opening times or location. There will be people who will never darken the doors of a GU clinic because they’re …….not open enough hours to meet their working schedule (Clinic staff)
Increased discretion People who fear being seen using a clinic by someone. If you can do it all remotely and without anybody knowing or seeing you waiting outside a sexual health clinic and going, “Oh, what are you doing here?” then I think it’s going to be absolutely brilliant (User)
Embarrassment discussing issues with clinician …the whole process of making appointments and going and seeing, feeling embarrassed, having to come and see somebody old and crusty like me. (Clinical, primary care)