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Table 6 Feedback from stakeholders following the use of telehealth specialist service

From: Establishing a centralised telehealth service increases telehealth activity at a tertiary hospital

Patients using telehealth (remote) site
‘Good service especially if you live too far away’
‘For other people, living in more remote areas Telehealth is good but not for me’
‘I would prefer face to face consultation’
‘Very happy with the service and with the hospital staff’
‘The TV was too high on the wall and a bit far away, but the service was ok’
‘None of my teleconsultations occurred on time. I had to wait 30–45 min past the appointment time’
‘It’s great! I would hate to have to travel and pay the extra costs for 10 min consultation’
‘Gives me the opportunity to see a specialist here in Mt Isa that otherwise wouldn’t have’
Staff at the telehealth (remote) site
‘I was surprised that elderly patients love it. Also, Indigenous patients prefer it and like it as well’
‘Doctors are funded for this role but nurses weren’t so this interferes with ability to do work’
‘There were problems interfacing with booking software causing time delays and extra work at regional locations. In some cases the administration of the bookings was disjointed’
Clinicians at the tertiary hospital (local) site
‘Access to previous investigations and pathology results, plus some technical difficulties was an issue’
‘Minimal core preparation at the other end and not being able to engage with GPs was a problem’
‘Having a skilled clinician for assessment at the other end of the line would be most beneficial and improve outcomes’