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Table 4 Areas of user satisfaction presented in identified tools

From: Assessing the performance of maternity care in Europe: a critical exploration of tools and indicators

Satisfaction aspects
Satisfaction with care
Antenatal care
Before labour
Labour and birth care
Couples’ perceptions of care during labour and birth
Different types of birth
Caesarean section under regional anaesthesia
Safety of practice and care
Care procedures
Perceived reality of care and subjective importance of each item
Postnatal care
Women's perceptions of interpersonal care
Information and decision making
Provided education
Satisfaction with service provision
Physical birth environment
Antenatal care by Midwife, General Practitioner and Gynaecologist
Care during ultrasound
Hospital stay
Postpartum care by Midwife, General Practitioner and Maternity Care Assistant
Neonatal screening
Overall pathaway of care