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Table 2 Challenges to TB control on the Thai-Myanmar border based on perspectives of informants

From: Challenges in tackling tuberculosis on the Thai-Myanmar border: findings from a qualitative study with health professionals

Key theme Category Number of respondents mentioning the key theme Percentage
Coordination and collaboration among stakeholders Insufficient networking and collaboration at a local level 22 71.0 %
Unstructured referral mechanisms
Lack of information on TB services provided by other organizations
Patient loss to follow up
Service delivery Inadequate access to TB services 12 38.7 %
Transportation problems
Uncertain sustainability of TB programs implemented by NGOs
Impractical policy at a local level
Organization structure Shortage of human resources 11 35.5 %
Limited staff capacities
Limited funding for non-Thai patients
High workload in non-Thai TB cases
Epidemiological trend and case finding High default rate among non-Thais 7 22.6 %
High MDR-TB case rate among non-Thais
Need for effective case finding
Socioeconomic status of patients Delay and interruption in seeking care 7 22.6 %
Limited knowledge and understanding of TB
Patient legal status
Language barriers