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Table 3 Factor analysis results. Perceived usefulness of ECOPIH

From: Understanding the discriminant factors that influence the adoption and use of clinical communities of practice: the ECOPIH case

  Improved quality Reduced costs
ECOPIH allows the number of referrals to be reduced 0.950  
ECOPIH allows the quality of referrals to be improved 0.967  
ECOPIH allows patient care to be improved 0.958  
ECOPIH improves communication between levels of care 0.921  
The platform that ECOPIH uses (e-Catalunya platform) is satisfactory in terms of displaying information.   0.891
The time it takes to get answers to my queries on ECOPIH is satisfactory for my needs   0.831
The quality of ECOPIH content is good   0.911
Access to specialists to consult on particular cases is easy   0.891
The ability to look up old cases for resolving new issues is useful   0.912
Eigenvalue 3.602 1.938
Variance explained 68.769 18.077
Cronbach’s alpha 0.963 0.932