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Table 1 Summary of type and source of costs explored per level

From: Estimating the cost of referral and willingness to pay for referral to higher-level health facilities: a case series study from an integrated community case management programme in Uganda

  Type of cost Caregiver level CHW level Health facility level
1 Treatment costs/service delivery related direct and indirect costs User fees, drug costs, costs of diagnostic tests and other medical supplies, Cost of hospitalisation Drug cost Drugs, diagnostics and medical supply costs (outpatient or inpatient management costs)
Cost of diagnostics and other supplies
2 Transport costs Transportation money Cost of facilitated referral Cost of transporting patient to higher level facility
  Data source Caregiver questionnaire CHW questionnaire Literature
3 Journey related costs Any other costs incurred due to the journey e.g. accommodation and food N/A N/A
  Data source Caregiver questionnaire N/A N/A
4 Time costs Opportunity cost of taking a child referral centre, waiting time and consultation time, hospitalisation time Opportunity cost of time managing patient Not captured
  Data source Caregiver questionnaire, literature CHW questionnaire, literature N/A