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Table 5 Confirmatory factor analysis of all the constructs

From: Organizational justice, trust, and identification and their effects on organizational commitment in hospital nursing staff

Construct Variable/question item Standardized loading Measurement error Composite reliability (>0.6) AVE (>0.5)
Organizational justice Distributive justice    0.82 0.77
1. I believe my compensation is up to the standard and fair. 0.84* 0.29
2. Overall speaking, the rewards I received are quite fair. 0.83* 0.31
3. I feel that my job responsibility is fairness. 0.86* 0.26
Procedural justice    0.77 0.75
4. My supervisor makes sure he/she understands every nursing staff member’s thoughts before making any decision. 0.77* 0.41
5. Every decision made by my supervisor can be applied to every nursing staff member affected by it. 0.82* 0.33
6. I can raise questions on or make appeals to the decisions made by the hospital management. 0.80* 0.36
Interactional justice    0.72 0.71
7. When making my job-related decisions, my supervisor would treat me with respect. 0.69* 0.52
8. When making my job-related decisions, my supervisor would discuss the implication of the decision with me. 0.79* 0.38
9. When making my job-related decisions, my supervisor would explain the content very clearly. 0.73* 0.47
Organizational trust Hospital trust    0.87 0.80
1. As far as I am concerned, most of the coworkers think that the hospital is trustworthy. 0.83* 0.31
2. I believe that the hospital’s promise to take care of the nursing staff is sincere. 0.85* 0.28
3. I believe that the hospital is fair to all nursing staff. 0.91* 0.17
Supervisory trust    0.83 0.76
4. I believe my supervisors sincerely care about the nursing staff’s opinions. 0.86* 0.26
5. I believe my supervisors make wise decisions for the sake of the future of the hospital. 0.79* 0.38
6. I believe my supervisors care about nursing staff’s welfare. 0.82* 0.33
Co-worker trust    0.82 0.75
7. I know that my coworkers will try their best to help me resolve the problems at work. 0.81* 0.34
8. I believe that my coworkers will give me a hand when I am in need. 0.76* 0.42
9. I am confidence in my coworkers’ job skills. 0.82* 0.33
Organizational identification Attractive identification    0.87 0.77
1. In the future, I will still feel proud of being a member of this hospital. 0.79* 0.37
2. This hospital’s image in the community quite represents my image. 0.82* 0.32
3. I think that I have a strong emotional connection to this hospital. 0.86* 0.27
4. I usually take the hospital’s issues as my personal issues. 0.91* 0.18
5. As a member of this hospital, it’s my responsibility to make it more competitive. 0.80* 0.36
Correlative identification    0.85 0.76
6. I am of the work location and environment of the hospital. 0.79* 0.38
7. The thought of continuing to work at this hospital in the future and help people makes me happy. 0.84* 0.29
8. I care about all the future information related to this hospital. 0.87* 0.25
9. My hard work can be evaluated by the overall performance of the hospital. 0.74* 0.45
10. Continuing to work at this hospital can improve my work capabilities. 0.78* 0.39
Organizational commitment Affective commitment    0.81 0.78
1. I am glad that I am able to devote my future career life to this hospital. 0.82* 0.33
2. I am happy to talk about my hospital with those who are not related to the hospital. 0.84* 0.29
3. I am emotionally attached and belonged to this hospital. 0.55* 0.56
4. I strongly feel that I am part of the hospital. 0.71* 0.49
Continuance commitment    0.79 0.79
5. It would be a great loss for me to quit from this hospital. 0.66* 0.56
6. I have the desire to keep working at this hospital at this moment. 0.71* 0.49
7. I think that there will be less job options for me if I leave this hospital. 0.81* 0.34
8. The main reason for me to stay at this hospital is that other companies won’t necessarily provide me with better compensation and benefits. 0.70* 0.51
Normative commitment    0.77 0.75
9. I think it is unethical to change jobs constantly. 0.60* 0.64
10. The main reasons for me to keep working at this hospital are being loyal and ethical. 0.72* 0.48
11. I was taught to be loyal to the hospital I serve. 0.61* 0.63
12. I think that staying at the same hospital will have better career development. 0.81* 0.34
  1. Note. * t- value > 2; AVE = Average Variance Extracted